Serving those on the margins of society in Southeastern MA

Our Mission:


LYNN Ministries works to restore dignity to those living on the margins of society through acts of service, provision, and prayer.


Our Mission

The mission of LYNN Ministries is to be the earthly hands and feet of Jesus Christ by sharing the Gospel and serving those in need with love and compassion. We focus on people living on the margins of society in Brockton, Taunton, and Attleboro, and our goal is to restore their dignity and value through prayer, accountability, and necessary provisions.

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Our Impact

At LYNN Ministries we believe that restoring a person’s dignity is the first step toward helping them recognize their identity as a child of God. Moreover, we believe that helping a person recognize their connection to God is the critical first step in their redemption through Christ. This can be a long process and, as a result, it can be difficult to quantify the impact we have on those we serve. However, by going to people rather than asking them to come to us, we believe we are on the leading edge of reaching the lost of our generation (Luke 15:3-7).



years serving on the Streets

Since December, 2010 LYNN Ministries has been providing necessities and restoring dignity to people living in the woods, on the streets, in shelters, and in rooming houses.



Thousand Meals Served

It starts with food but there’s so much more, including clothing, personal care items, prayer, and laughter. Whatever it takes to restore the spirits of the down-trodden.



People Served Each Month

Once a month, across three cities, LYNN Ministries provides for the needs of people who find themselves living on the margins of society.


Get Involved

Throughout the year over 200 people volunteer with LYNN Ministries, helping to serve on the streets, preparing food, collecting, sorting, and packing clothes and toiletries, and helping out with special events. There are many ways to help out and we welcome volunteers with a heart for service.